What is Moviehouse?

Founded in 2021, Moviehouse Magazine is a Wash U student-run film and TV online magazine. We exist to give undergraduate students a creative outlet where they can voice their opinions on the movies and shows they are passionate about and put it out into the world. We regularly publish reviews and other articles exclusively to this website.

Who are we?


  • James McCutcheon
    • President, Editor-in-Chief
  • Matt Kusak
    • Treasurer, Lead Web Designer


  • Angel Sosa
  • Anna Jerdee
  • Carlos Mendoza
  • Drew Ingall
  • Elizabeth Saliba
  • Harrison Harvey
  • Jakob Mueller
  • Merry May Ma
  • Nathan Hirscher
  • Nick Cochran
  • Olivia Sterenfeld
  • Sam Jacacci
  • Scottie Mitchell
  • Shaun Rousso
  • Sydney Stribrny
  • Will Johnson
  • Zito Zito
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